Mindfulness Yoga 

„It’s all about connecting to yourself“

Those classes are for women, who want to connect to their body on a deeper level. The focus is on our breath while moving and flowing, which helps us to be totally present in the moment. 

Put your judgmental thoughts aside and learn to love yourself for who you truly are!

important information

level: all levels

location: Ostpark, Munich

what to bring:

  • yoga mat
  • water

pls check your emails 1hr in advance to see if classes are cancelled due to weather conditions

what a session looks like
  • starting with short breathwork or meditation to arrive on the mat 
  • easy yogic stretches that help connect to our body 
  • repeating Yoga-sequence with the focus on connecting our breath with the movement

During this practice I invite you to constantly ask yourself how your body feels and what the movement does to you. If you need to pause, want to flow slower or feel like integrating some other movements this is perfectly fine! 

*** This is just an example. Sessions can always vary***

Language: DE
Time: 45 minutes
Price: 15,- € (drop in)

EN / DE 


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