Single session

Heart to Heart


You feel stuck in a situation or get triggered by the same kind of things over and over again?
You’re looking for someone who listens without judgement and can help you get a different perspective?

In this loving space, I will help you get clarity, when you get overwhelmed by emotions & options, back to what it is you truly want and need right now.

Being vulnerable is beautiful, so come as you are, with all of your emotions

Time: 60-75 minutes
Price: 120,- €

Single Session

Heart to Heart with Cacao

In this session, we additionally work with ceremonial cacao & meditation, which will help you deepen the connection with your inner world and wisdom.

Time: 90 minutes
Price: 150,- €

1 month

The Journey

The Journey to more selflove, finding our truth and understanding our biggest triggers can be so powerful, but at the same time can also feel really challenging and hard. Especially when the world around us gets so loud, that we forget what we really want and how to live our life in harmony with our body & souls desire.

On the way we may feel like no one understands what we’re going through, feel stuck or frustrated. In those times it can be such a gift to have someone by our side that is supporting, guiding and motivating us.

In „The Journey“ I will be there for you, to share thoughts, emotions and ideas and to help you switch perspective, if necessary. I will be there to celebrate the steps you’re taking and the learnings you’re making. Together we will create a space for you, to be your authentic self and never be judged for what you’re feeling or for what you have to say.

more information

We will start with a beautiful heart to heart session, where I’d love to hear about your situation and everything you have on your mind, that I can support you with.

There will be a weekly guided meditation, individually for you, to connect to your inner world and wisdom.
During the whole month you will have my support via Whats App/ Telegram, so you can contact me whenever you feel stuck, want to share something or need a second opinion. You’ll also get impulses and inspirations for nourishing your body and soul, matched to your situation.

Let’s dive deep, find acceptance and selflove & celebrate the beautiful woman you are.

Some examples from my toolbox:

  • cycle awareness
  • symptoms of your body as a sign
  • impulses through affirmations and cards
  • questions for your own reflection
  • inspiration for rituals
  • recipes to nourish your body
  • help to start with manifestation
that's included
  • 1x „Heart to Heart“ *
  • weekly evening meditations * incl. recording
    (1x 20 min or 2x 10 min)
  • 1month support via What’s App or Telegram
  • 1x group cacao ceremony *
  • beautiful package with ceremonial cacao
  • possibility of booking another „Heart to Heart“ with discount within „The Journey“

*online via Zoom

Time: 1 month
Price: 333,- €

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