Connecting women


Cacao* Ceremony

Together we will meditate, move our body, journal and do a little fire ritual. Let’s immerse ourselves completely in the magic of our inner world and allow us to fully surrender. It is through discovering who we truly are, that we can reach our highest potential and create the life we desire.

Cacao is such a beautiful tool to dive even deeper into your inner world and wisdom. It has been used in ancient ceremonies by the Mayans for thousands of years.

With the power of cacao we will be able to re-balance our energies, connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level and strengthen our awareness. It also helps us to be more present and to bring peace and stillness to our mind.

Time: 90 min (the time can vary)


  • with ceremonial cacao 40,- € 
  • without cacao 35,- €

* If you do not want to drink ceremonial cacao you can also make yourself your favourite tea and take part in those beautiful ceremonies and circles of women.

Women Circles 

Come as you are.

Each circle will have a topic that everyone can share their experience, fears and challenges with. This is a circle of connection, respect and love.
Often we find that we have similar struggles and talking about it can bring so much relieve. 

Let’s meditate, laugh, cry and heal together in this sacred space.

Time: 60-90 min (always depends on how many women sign up) 

Price: 35,- € 

Any questions about the ceremonies?