Find your inner truth

Hi, i am isabell

I am the founder of BeWoman & here for you, if you want to tap deeper into your desires, understand your biggest triggers & fears and want to live your life to the fullest. BeWoman is all about you, becoming the most authentic version of yourself. No need for pretending.

Re-discover all your potential and BE the beautiful WOMEN you are! 


What I Offer

Work with me 1:1

Finding our truth and understanding our biggest triggers can be so powerful, but at the same time can also feel really challenging and hard. 

1:1 we work together on whatever situation it is you wish to have support at. All of these offers are individually made for you! 



Let’s get together with other women to meditate, move our bodies, journal and do little rituals.

Those ceremonies help you to feel connected, immerse yourself in the magic of your inner world and allow you to fully surrender.

Workshops & Retreats

The workshops will help you to dive deep into one specific topic (e.g. menstrual cycle, expectations, digital detox …)   

Retreats will be filled with movement, meditation, music, good food, women circles, integration times, etc.




Wie schaffe ich es …
Wie schaffe ich es …

Eine Art von Frage, die wohl viele unter uns nicht nur einmal, sondern vielleicht sogar täglich quält.  Wie schaffe ich es ... gesünder zu leben?  Wie schaffe ich es ... nach der Arbeit abzuschalten?    Die schlechte Nachricht – es gibt nicht DIE Antwort darauf. ...

Stress und Atmung
Stress und Atmung

Die Kraft der Atmung    Schließe für einen Moment deine Augen und atme einmal tief ein und aus!  Na, wie hat sich das angefühlt?  Hast du heute, außer gerade eben, schon einmal bewusst auf deinen Atem geachtet?  Die meiste Zeit atmen wir unbewusst, denn das macht...

Body Awareness
Body Awareness

We live in a world where we are increasingly forgetting to listen to our bodies. Most of us probably know this: everyday life is stressful and overflowing with appointments and then we also get headaches, more severe menstrual pain than usual or sleep really badly....

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